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The only way you can stay healthy, maintain vital energy, and perform at your best is when you have the right amount of all the nutrients your body needs. The team at Peak Medical in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, is dedicated to caring for all aspects of your health, including evaluating your nutritional status and providing the nutritional supplements you need to support your body. To learn whether you might be short on nutrients, call the office today or book an appointment online.

Nutritional Supplements Q & A

What Should I Know About Nutritional Supplements?

Even when you do your best to follow a healthy diet, you can still fall short on nutrients. For example, it’s hard to get your recommended daily intake when you limit calories. And, as you get older, your body doesn’t absorb nutrients as well.

When you’re injured or sick your body uses extra nutrients, putting you at risk for a deficiency. Anyone engaged in intensive activities or sports training needs extra nutrition for optimal performance.

For these reasons and more, many patients need nutritional supplements to regain energy and restore their peak health.

If you need supplements, it’s important to know that the supplements you get off-the-shelf aren’t regulated. They may not contain the ingredients or the dose listed on the label.

You also can’t know the exact dose you may need without undergoing testing. You can be confident that you’re taking high-quality products and the right dose when you get nutritional supplements from the team at Peak Medical.


How Do I Know Which Nutritional Supplements I Need?

You undergo a thorough exam at Peak Medical that evaluates all aspects of your health to determine whether you lack a certain nutrient. There are often connections between your health and nutritional deficiencies. For example, patients easily bothered by seasonal allergies often need nutritional supplements.

Other examples include patients who don’t digest their food properly or who suffer from gluten, dairy, and other intolerances. Many patients who have lived with chronic pain for years also benefit from supplementation.

At Peak Medical, applied kinesiology and muscle testing are often used to assess each patient, determine their unique underlying issue, and determine the right combination of supplements to treat their health problem.

What Nutritional Supplements are Available?

The doctors at Peak Medical provide supplements from three companies known for consistently producing high-quality and standardized products:

  • Standard Process® (US): Standard Process offers nutritional support with supplements made from whole foods. The company also supports your overall well-being with superior herbal products.
  • Thorne® (US): Thorne offers customized supplements based on your testing, produces “clean” supplements with no fillers, and has an excellent reputation for constantly testing their ingredients to ensure quality. They’re also known for their leadership in nutritional science.
  • Metabolics (UK): Metabolics produces a broad range of natural and pure supplements that are free of binders, fillers, and other non-nutritional ingredients typically found in supplements. 


The team at Peak Medical is dedicated to treating the whole person, which includes correcting nutritional deficiencies. To learn more, call or book an appointment online today.