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If you have inflammation in your muscles and soft tissues, in addition to living with pain, you may also lose flexibility and range of motion. Peak Medical, in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, offers deep tissue laser therapy as part of their comprehensive range of noninvasive, drug-free treatment options to relieve pain and restore your health and well-being. If muscle pain and tension are disrupting your life, call Peak Medical or schedule a consultation online today.

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Q & A

What is Deep Tissue Laser Therapy?

Deep tissue laser therapy is a noninvasive, drug-free pain relief treatment that penetrates your muscles and soft tissue with low-level light energy. Deep tissue laser therapy stimulates your body’s healing response and new cell growth that not only relieves your pain but also accelerates your recovery from injury or muscle weakness.

Deep tissue laser therapy triggers improved circulation, lymphatic drainage, and nerve function. It can also stimulate acupuncture points to improve nerve function and provide relief for headaches, dental pain, and more.


What Conditions Improve with Deep Tissue Laser Therapy?

Peak Medical uses deep tissue laser therapy to treat chronic pain and inflammation. Some of the injuries and conditions that benefit from deep tissue laser therapy include:

  • Arthritis
  • Burns
  • Joint injuries and pain
  • Ligament injuries
  • Muscle strains
  • Nerve damage
  • Sports injuries
  • Swelling
  • Wounds


Deep tissue laser therapy provides immediate noninvasive pain relief that lasts as your body heals and recovers. The accelerated tissue growth not only provides pain relief but repairs the injury or condition causing your pain.

What Happens During a Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Appointment?

Deep tissue laser therapy is a quick, painless procedure. Your provider first provides you with a pair of protective goggles and has you relax on a treatment table. They then use a hand-held device to direct the low-level light energy to the area that’s giving you problems. Your body absorbs the light, which stimulates your healing response.

You’ll feel the hand-held applicator against your skin, but you won’t notice any other sensations. The device doesn’t create any heat, sound, vibration, or vacuum sensations. In most cases, deep tissue laser therapy is complete within 5-10 minutes.

You may notice a reduction in your discomfort after just one session, but most patients benefit from a series of treatments. Also, your relief should increase in the 24 hours following your treatment as your body’s healing response reduces the inflammation in your muscles.

If you’re living with chronic muscle pain or tension and want to know more about deep tissue laser therapy or other treatment options, call Peak Medical or make an appointment online.