• Suffering from Lower back Pain? We provide back pain relief at our convenient location in Berkeley Heights New Jersey...

    Suffering from Lower back Pain? We provide back pain relief at our convenient location in Berkeley Heights´╗┐ New JerseyPeak Medical is one of the most advanced and experienced centers in treating and providing pain relief in Northern NJ. Back pain relief can seem evasive to those who have tried treatments that didn't work or have been told that "They just have to live with it". While Peak Medical specializes in the treatment of all types of pain, back pain relief is an area in which we provide some of the finest treatment available. There are many causes of lower back pain. Sometimes debilitating lower back pain is caused from an untreated injury that happened many years prior to the pain. A simple twist or bend can spark an old injury and cause lower back pain that ranges from excruciating
    to annoying. Peak Medical is your complete pain management center and provides not only back pain relief, but healing relief for all types of pain.

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    Many back pain treatments and solutions are available at our center

    After carefully and thoroughly examining and diagnosing the cause of the problem, our doctors prescribe precise back pain treatments specifically for each individual patient. Back pain treatment and relief can be as gentle as deep therapeutic massage and range to interdisc decompression. Our back pain treatment specialists employ the non-surgical decompression system which gently revitalizes and heals herniated discs without surgery.  Many other treatments for back pain relief are available at our center. Therapeutic massage, physical therapy, pain management to name just a few.

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    Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at Our NJ Pain centerTreatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at Our NJ Pain center

    With the explosion of the internet and computer use within the last twenty years, carpal tunnel syndrome has become a significant problem. Peak Medical stays on the leading edge of technology with its care and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome WITHOUT SURGERY! Peak Medical has it's own carpal tunnel syndrome treatment department designed to offer safe, painless and effective treatment.

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    We are conveniently located in Berkeley Heights, NJ and serve clients from the surrounding cities of Stirling, New Providence, Summit, Gillette, and Millington.

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